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FIDI President Derek Duffy on the limits for technology…

3rd April 2024

artificial intelligence / FIDI / Opinion / Technology


David W Graebel, Graebel

4th December 2023

artificial intelligence / digitalisation / international business / Technology


FIDI Focus releases digitalisation and cybersecurity guidance

15th November 2023

FIDI / Surveys and reports


Moving tech partnership promises reduced inventory times

25th September 2023

international business / Partnerships / Technology


IATA’s new standards for contactless travel 

28th February 2023

air travel / digitalisation / Technology


Shyft makes CEO appointment as funding round closes

16th September 2022

Finance / Recruitment / Technology


Aires launches voice-activated relocation assistance

4th July 2022

Affiliates / Innovation / Technology / The US


CFM Alliance features in tech transition film

15th February 2022

Affiliates / Asia / COVID / marketing and communications


Vanpac GroupAsia claims industry first for crypto payments

27th January 2022

Asia / Finance / Technology

FIDI Service

Data privacy regulations – what they mean for movers

With digital data becoming increasingly more important to the…

1st January 2022

Data protection / Legislation and regulations / Technology

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Mobile phone vs desktop. Which device customers use, and why is this important?

11th May 2021


Virtual meetings: are they ever better than in person?

While virtual meetings have become a necessity because of…

4th December 2020


From paper to iPad – digitising the moving process

Digital technology is set to change almost every facet…

4th June 2020

Technology and innovation

Don’t become a victim of cyber criminality

Phishing, social hacking, social engineering, email spoofing and digital…

11th February 2020

Technology and innovation

Walk the talk

Change is coming, but will the industry take advantage…

15th April 2019

Technology and innovation

The technological revolution

Artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicle technology and the Internet of…

15th April 2019

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