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Sharing the sustainability journey

In a diverse industry built on land, sea and…

2nd January 2022

Affiliates / Opinion / Sustainability

Transport skills crisis hits movers

While movers are experiencing first-hand the ongoing impact of…

22nd December 2021

Air freight / Road freight / Shipping / Transport

We need to talk

FIDI’s decision-making process has shaped its development for many…

15th December 2021

Affiliates / FIDI


Sustainable business: how to recruit for the future

Attracting and retaining good-quality staff is critical to a…

22nd September 2021

Diversity and inclusion / Recruitment / Sustainability / Wellbeing

Making a difference: how to make moving sustainable

Building a sustainable moving business needs a holistic approach…

22nd September 2021

Affiliates / Employment / Finance / Sustainability

A case for coordinated action – a 2021 update

Ben Ivory, senior vice president at Graebel Companies Inc,…

4th June 2021

Technology and innovation

FIDI launches Technology and Innovation Committee

With the pandemic accelerating the trend for movers to…

4th December 2020

Don’t become a victim of cyber criminality

Phishing, social hacking, social engineering, email spoofing and digital…

11th February 2020

Walk the talk

Change is coming, but will the industry take advantage…

15th April 2019


For the love of the challenge

Working in one of the most challenging moving markets…

21st December 2021

Affiliates / Interviews / Latin America / Venezuela

FIDI39 Club

39 club rebuild is taking shape

As 2021 drew to a close, the FIDI 39…

17th December 2021

39 Club / FIDI Conference / Sustainability

Dear FIDI 39 Club…

As election time arrives once again for FIDI’s 39…

20th September 2021

39 Club / Diversity and inclusion / Sustainability

Healing with Feeling continues to support students

As reported in previous issues of FIDI Focus, Healing…

25th March 2021

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