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A genuine sustainability journey or greenwashing?

FIDI’s efforts at minimising the impact of its conference…

25th July 2023

#SustainableMoves / FIDI / Opinion / Sustainability

Be different

Outgoing FIDI President Laura Ganon on the benefits to…

12th April 2023

Affiliates / Diversification / FIDI / international business

Sustainable conferences: part 2

Continuing the conversation in our second column on the…

29th March 2023

Affiliates / FIDI / FIDI Conference / Opinion / Sustainability


Walking the talk: how FIDI is taking sustainability seriously – and why

Magali Horbert, FIDI’s Sustainability and Strategic Communications Manager, on…

7th March 2023

FIDI / FIDI Conference / Sustainability / Thailand

The way to a smaller footprint

The global mobility industry’s main associations are working closer…

1st March 2023

collaboration / FIDI / international business / Sustainability

Sketching out a path for a sustainable future

Six of the global mobility industry’s leading associations have…

1st December 2022

collaboration / FIDI / Sustainability

Technology and innovation

FIDI launches Technology and Innovation Committee

With the pandemic accelerating the trend for movers to…

4th December 2020

Don’t become a victim of cyber criminality

Phishing, social hacking, social engineering, email spoofing and digital…

11th February 2020

Walk the talk

Change is coming, but will the industry take advantage…

15th April 2019


FIDI Focus interview: Conflict and compromise

New FIDI Board member Sebastian Laporta tells the story…

4th July 2023

Chile / FIDI / Interviews / Latin America

FIDI39 Club

Kop khun khap, Thailand (thank you, Thailand)

The FIDI 39 Club held its conference side by…

20th June 2023

39 Club / FIDI / FIDI Conference

What tomorrow will bring

As FIDI Focus publishes its third State of the…

24th April 2023

#SustainableMoves / 39 Club / State of the Industry report

Forging a new generation of leaders through mentorship

Jackie Stouffer, Vice-President of FIDI’s 39 Club, introduces a…

9th December 2022

39 Club / Employment / Training

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