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Under the microscope

As FIDI analyses the results of its recent consultation…

17th September 2021


FIDI has evolved a steady process that involves considering…

10th June 2021

Staying the distance

The Russian business boom of the 1990s gave IWM…

25th March 2021


McKinsey video highlights reasons for shipping rate hikes

Why prices have increased around the world

26th August 2021

Taking the industry’s temperature: FIDI reveals latest results

Launched at the end of 2019, just before the…

23rd March 2021

Business recovery from here on – what are the rules?

In the second part of our feature on business…

4th December 2020

EY credit barometer – An economic healthcheck on FIDI affiliates

Following the reintroduction of a financial assessment requirement as…

31st July 2020


A case for coordinated action – a 2021 update

Ben Ivory, senior vice president at Graebel Companies Inc,…

4th June 2021

Climate change: A new responsibility for movers

Mitigating the impact of climate change is now a…

2nd June 2021

Sustainable business: the opportunities in obligation

As legislative pressure intensifies on industry to become more…

2nd June 2021

Technology and innovation

FIDI launches Technology and Innovation Committee

With the pandemic accelerating the trend for movers to…

4th December 2020

Don’t become a victim of cyber criminality

Phishing, social hacking, social engineering, email spoofing and digital…

11th February 2020

Walk the talk

Change is coming, but will the industry take advantage…

15th April 2019


Interview: Francesco Argirò, Bliss Corporation

A firm dedication to the development of his staff,…

10th June 2021

FIDI39 Club

Healing with Feeling continues to support students

As reported in previous issues of FIDI Focus, Healing…

25th March 2021

Gender equality: the future of moving for women

Without doubt, there has been significant progress toward gender…

2nd October 2020

‘we have the future in our hands’

Members of FIDI 39 Club, IAM YP and LacmaNext…

28th November 2019

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