FIDI Global Business Confidence Barometer – positive outlook in Q2 2021

The latest FIDI Global Alliance business confidence barometer, looking at quarter two 2021 results and expectations for quarter three, continues to indicate growing business confidence and optimism among the FIDI community. Business in many countries is booming thanks to the lifting of travel restrictions, surge in demand because of postponed moves from 2020 now taking place, combined with surging freight and shipping costs. FIDI’s Customer Relations Officer Lydia Cope examines the latest indicators as the industry continues to bounce back

The FIDI Global Business Confidence Barometer measures actual business results with the optimism or pessimism that Affiliates have on the prospects of economic and business conditions for the upcoming quarter. The overall results give a picture of how business is evolving year on year.

Entrepreneurial Confidence

To arrive at the overall entrepreneurial confidence score, the FIDI Global Business Confidence Barometer measures:

  • Change in revenue
  • Change in prices
  • Change in office staff
  • Change in crew and warehouse staff

For each quarter, the effective increase or decrease of each parameter is measured against the same quarter last year, as well as the anticipated evolution in the next quarter, compared with the same period the previous year.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, entrepreneurial confidence plummeted to almost 50 points below zero. Against all predictions, it seems that confidence has now returned, having jumped 100 points to 54 above zero. Even though it might be too early to see if this is a long-term positive trend, it does show a strong global rebound in business within the FIDI membership.

This positive rebound can be observed across the different parameters that constitute the base for the calculation of the entrepreneurial index, including revenue and price indicators.

The staff evolution indicator is interesting, showing that FIDI companies are looking into increasing the size of their teams to cover for this increase in business volume.

Statistics of course do not show the individual stories or experiences, unique to each region, country and even company. 
If you would like to participate in compiling the FIDI Global Business Confidence Barometer or have any questions about this project, please contact Lydia Cope at:

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