FIDI issues shipping prices statement

FIDI has updated its Affiliates on the severe issues currently affecting international shipping services, which include ‘irregular, delayed or cancelled services, last-minute schedule changes, and steep increases in prices’.

The organisation has produced an open letter to help its membership keep customers informed about the ongoing challenges and the impact on the international moving industry, as a major user of these services.

The letter details the main causes of the crisis, including ‘…the unexpected uplift in international demand for goods and services, following the easing of pandemic restrictions, arising from pent-up demand and continued strong economic recovery in many markets across the world’; a worldwide drop in the availability of vessels; and a shortage of lorry drivers and other staff in the logistics sector.

It says that ongoing impacts on the moving sector include longer booking times for international moves, increased prices, and overall unpredictability in the supply chain.

You can download a copy of the letter here:

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