Carbon Calculator: Help is at hand

If you are just starting to collect your carbon data, you will find information and guidance in the FIDI x Worldfavor calculation platform. These will help you to structure your data collection.

What data are we talking about?

Here are some of the main data sets that you will need to collect before calculating your company’s carbon footprint:

1. Transportation of goods (whether household goods or other):

  • Transportation of goods via road: whether you transport
  • goods using your own trucks or through a supplier, you will need the following data for each move:
  • If available: type of truck (diesel or petrol; articulated
  • or rigid; weight-range of truck)
  • If available: proportion of
  • load: is the truck closer to empty (0%), half-full (50%) or
  • full (100%)?
  • Distance travelled.
  • Transportation of goods via sea, air or train:
  • For sea: type of ship (cargo ship, bulk transporter, vehicle)
  • For air: short-haul (less than 3,700km) or long-haul (more than 3,700km) flight
  • Weight (for sea shipments, use VGM as it appears on the Bill of Lading)
  • Distance.

2. DSP

  • The total distance travelled by your agents by car (company- owned vehicles or not; with difference between size of cars and what fuel is used) for different destination services, such as look-see visits, house and school search, settling-in, etc.

3. Electricity and other energy sources

  • Your annual electricity consumption, in kWh (you can find this information on your utility bills)
  • If you use natural gas, your annual gas consumption in m³.

4. Business travel

  • The total distance flown by your company’s staff, divided into:
  • Short-haul and long-haul (international) flights
  • Passenger class (economy, business or first-class)
  • The total distance travelled by train, car or bus
  • The number of hotel nights, by country.

5. Employee commuting

  • The total distance travelled by car (with difference between size of cars and what fuel is used)
  • The total distance travelled by public transportation

What data is not currently included in the calculator?
Emissions linked to packaging material: this will be included in a next phase of the tool, planned before end of this year. In the meantime, we will ask you to provide total weight of different types of packaging material used over the past year.

IT services and assets such as cloud storage, laptops and desktops: it is difficult to provide globally applicable emission factors to calculate this on a global scale, so we have decided to exclude this from the calculator for now.

Collecting data might seem overwhelming. We understand this, but the carbon calculator will give you an invaluable framework to help with the task.

We suggest you simply get started. Take it step by step and use the best available data you can get hold of now. Start somewhere – and it will get easier.

For more information about the FIDI x Worldfavor calculator, contact Magali Horbert at

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