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Carbon Calculator: Help is at hand

4th June 2024

#SustainableMoves / Carbon Calculator / Environment / FIDI / Sustainability

Measuring carbon impact

As FIDI launches a much-needed carbon measurement tool for…

4th June 2024

#SustainableMoves / Carbon Calculator / FIDI / Sustainability

Walking the talk: how FIDI is taking sustainability seriously – and why

Magali Horbert, FIDI’s Sustainability and Strategic Communications Manager, on…

7th March 2023

FIDI / FIDI Conference / Sustainability / Thailand

The way to a smaller footprint

The global mobility industry’s main associations are working closer…

1st March 2023

collaboration / FIDI / international business / Sustainability

Sketching out a path for a sustainable future

Six of the global mobility industry’s leading associations have…

1st December 2022

collaboration / FIDI / Sustainability

Sustainable business: how to recruit for the future

Attracting and retaining good-quality staff is critical to a…

22nd September 2021

Diversity and inclusion / Recruitment / Sustainability / Wellbeing

Making a difference: how to make moving sustainable

22nd September 2021

Affiliates / Employment / Finance / Sustainability

A case for coordinated action – a 2021 update

Ben Ivory, senior vice president at Graebel Companies Inc,…

4th June 2021

Climate change: A new responsibility for movers

Mitigating the impact of climate change is now a…

2nd June 2021

Sustainable business: the opportunities in obligation

As legislative pressure intensifies on industry to become more…

2nd June 2021

Walking the green on innovations

Jackie Stouffer on how the pandemic has driven forward…

2nd June 2021

Stepping up to sustainability

Among the upsides from a challenging year is the…

4th March 2021

A case for coordinated action

28th November 2019

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