Vanpac GroupAsia claims industry first for crypto payments

Vanpac GroupAsia has announced it is enabling crypto payments, in a move designed to speed up transaction time and reduce costs for its customers. The company is implementing this in partnership with licensed payment gateway TripleA.

In a statement, Vanpac GroupAsia said: ‘With very few players in this segment, the company’s goal is to be one of the first to revolutionise the experience of expatriates that wish to relocate to a different country by giving them the option to pay with cryptocurrency.

‘Expensive transaction fees and bank charges are a key concern for international businesses and their clients, with loss of exchange rates being a contributing factor. By accepting crypto payments, the company and its clients and partners are able to leverage seamless transactions, send and receive payments swiftly, and reduce costs.’

The company added accepting crypto payments would give it a competitive advantage by simplifying cross-border transactions, while improving efficiency, security, and transparency.

‘Cryptocurrency payments help simplify the process of multiple intermediaries and order processes without interference,’ it said.

Eric Barbier, CEO of TripleA said: ‘The moving and relocation industry is an excellent niche for crypto payments and we’re happy that Vanpac GroupAsia decided to partner with us in helping revolutionise the processes of payments and transactions. This gives more opportunities for consumers to utilise their crypto investments and for Vanpac GroupAsia to access more clients that prefer to transact using crypto.’

Andrew Chng, Country Manager at Vanpac GroupAsia Singapore, said he believes the company is the first in the industry to accept crypto payments.

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