Graebel launches diversity and inclusion service

Graebel Companies, Inc. has announced the launch of a DEI service.

According to the company, Graebel DEI Consulting Services aims to help global mobility professionals ‘produce lasting [diversity, equity and inclusion focused] cultural change at a time when the workplace and company cultures are being challenged and redefined’.

The company said the new business arm is a formalisation of the growing experience Graebel has working with organisations and clients to integrate DEI principles into their mobility programmes.

‘As mobility teams are tasked with more responsibilities than ever, Graebel’s DEI Consulting Services can help mobility managers stay on track with meeting DEI goals, delivering on commitments, promoting positive employee experiences and contributing to organisational goals, like improving the bottom line by creating more diverse workforces,’ it said.

Michelle Mara, Vice President of Mobility Strategy for Graebel Companies Inc, added: ‘Graebel DEI Consulting Services help companies cultivate employee innovation, resilience and organisational trust while building the foundation for higher-than-average return on growth, profitability and talent management.

‘We work with clients to anticipate and remove barriers, thereby opening doors to new opportunities for all employees, supporting the people who walk through them, and equipping mobile employees to do great work on the other side. These services facilitate performance and help global mobility gain a strategic seat at the table by delivering innovative, cost-effective talent management solutions.’

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