Biddulphs launches women-focused driver scheme

23rd November 2022

Diversity and inclusion / Employment / road / south africa / Training


Small steps, huge change

Implementing policies that focus on diversity and inclusion make…

20th September 2022

Diversity and inclusion / FIDI / Opinion


Graebel launches diversity and inclusion service

16th August 2022

Affiliates / Diversity and inclusion / The US


Diversity and inclusion: building a balanced working environment

With the pandemic pushing diversity and inclusion higher up…

20th September 2021

Diversity and inclusion

FIDI39 Club

Gender equality: the future of moving for women

Without doubt, there has been significant progress toward gender…

2nd October 2020


Gender and diversity survey says: Good – but could be better

Following the completion of FIDI 39 Club’s report into…

29th July 2020


Heads together for wellness

International work assignments can be enjoyable, but also be…

4th June 2020


Diversity in business pays, according to FIDI study

Moving industry companies who focus actively on diversity in…

1st April 2020

FIDI39 Club

Dare more!

As FIDI appoints its first female President, we ask…

15th June 2019

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