Owens Group ‘latest cyberattack victim’

Welsh logistics provider Owens Group has been hit by a cyberattack, resulting in its internal data being published on the dark web, according to reports. 

The attack was said to be the latest to use Lockbit ransomware, where demands for money are made to businesses to stop their information being released if the ransom is not paid.

According to a report in The Loadster, the Owens data includes financial information, including budgets, cash flow, balance sheets, tax returns, project calculations and bank statements; client details such addresses, phone numbers, payment information and contracts; and employees’ personal information including passport scans and contracts. 

Earlier in November, global ports operator DP World was affected by a major cyber attack that brought its operations in Australian ports to a temporary standstill. It was the second large-scale cyber attack on ports this year, with Nagoya, Japan, hit in July.

FIDI Focus recently published digitalisation guidelines, which include recommended cybersecurity precautions for movers.

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