Gosselin launches reduced carbon box

Gosselin has launched a universal moving box it says has a significantly lower carbon footprint than both new cardboard boxes and standard boxes made from recycled materials.  

The company unveiled ‘Notabrownbox’ – which is made from recycled cardboard and can be reused up to four times – at the IAM exhibition in Toronto this week.  

‘Almost all moving boxes worldwide are printed with the logo of the moving company and used only once. By designing a brand-free box made of thicker cardboard, we want to encourage movers to reuse and share their moving boxes,’ said Madeline van der Rhee, Benelux Manager, who initiated development of the new product. ‘Gosselin is introducing 150,000 brand-free moving boxes into circulation. These will result in an 80-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions compared with a standard moving box made from recycled material, or a 144-tonne reduction compared with a new cardboard moving box.’

She added that Gosselin aimed for the box to become ‘the new standard for eco-friendly moving everywhere’.

Marc Smet, CEO of Gosselin Group, said the company will now look at further environmental packaging initiatives. ‘Gosselin will soon eliminate plastic bubble wrap as packaging material, and in the future, more ecologically motivated initiatives will follow.’

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