Santa Fe report finds low action on carbon impact

Less than a third of global mobility (GM) teams have taken action to reduce certain high-carbon impact assignments, according to a new report by Santa Fe.

The Sustainable mobility – measure, collaborate and educate report, found that just 29 per cent of GM departments had cut back on assignments such as commuters and short-term business trips. In addition, only 35 per cent said their organisation’s GM departments were focused on ESG, with 33 per cent considering it, and 27 per cent not focused on it at all.

It is part three of Santa Fe’s Reshaping Global Mobility series, which, according to the company, ‘focuses on key learnings from a diverse range of industry organisations on their evolving journey towards sustainable mobility’. It was researched and written by Dominic Offer and John Rason.

Research for the report took place between February and March 2023, with 10 global organisations interviewed about sustainable mobility. GM, senior ESG and procurement leaders were asked to share insights into their organisation’s ESG strategy. The organisations represent sectors including FMCG, pharmaceutical, logistics, manufacturing, financial services, environmental and energy.

An open online survey of a further 80 organisations added quantitative data to the report —with a set of 18 questions assessing progress with policy and other ESG supply chain interventions. 

The report can be downloaded here.

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