French shipper confirms customer data breach

CMA CGM SA has confirmed it has experienced a breach in its data security.  

In a written statement to its customers, the French container transportation and shipping company said it had found ‘a limited leak of contact information related to some of our customers’ on one of its mobile apps, as part of routine checks. The data includes ‘first and last names, employer, job title, business email address and telephone number’.

According to reports, this is the second time in a year that the company has been hit by a data breach. In September 2020, it was affected by a ransomware attack, which shut down several aspects of its operations, including bookings, pricing and invoicing systems for several days.

CMA CGM added that information on commercial contracts, bank details and other confidential data had been unaffected by the latest incident.

‘There has been no operational impact on the Group’s activities and all our operating systems are working normally. All data exchanges with our customers and suppliers have remained fully secured,’ it said, adding that the company had installed new security on its mobile apps.

The statement added that customers should remain alert to any attempt by fraudsters to use the stolen data and that it has set up a dedicated team to deal with the incident.

Other shippers, including K Line in Japan and Korea’s HMM, and other mobility industry businesses, have also been impacted by data breaches this year.

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