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‘we have the future in our hands’

Members of FIDI 39 Club, IAM YP and LacmaNext recently launched the Global Green Initiative – a cross-association environmental collaboration of young professionals in our industry. Jessica Deutschmann, FIDI 39 Club Vice-President, gives an update on the group’s meeting during the IAM Expo

Lately, I have attended many sessions on the future of our industry. I have heard people talk about technology, the gig economy, digitisation, blockchain, 3D printers, moves on demand and many other subjects. Without a doubt, these are important issues that will help lead our companies to a successful future. However, there are also topics we do
not talk about enough, but that will still impact our future, our companies and our industry. The environment is one such issue.

And this is why, when LacmaNext Board asked the FIDI 39 Club Board for stronger collaboration, we were able to agree immediately on one topic we all care about – and it wasn’t long before the IAM-YP Board joined, too.

Our three clubs represent the future of our industry – and we want to have an impact on it. So how do we achieve this? How can we improve our effect on the environment and take measures to ensure a sustainable future?

As reported in the last issue of FIDI Focus (293), together we have founded the Global Green Initiative (GGI). We want to get the industry making sometimes small, but consistent efforts and to inspire our peers to return home from a conference ready to make a change to their daily routine, their company, our industry, for our future.

The GGI will be run by a board, made up of representatives from IAM YP, FIDI 39 and LacmaNext. Each association has committed to sharing updates and reminders on their social media platforms.

At the FIDI 39 Club Conference in Amsterdam in April, we held a workshop on sustainability, which formed the basis for our ‘green moment’. This will now be a part of each of our organisations’ conferences every year. At the GGI’s meeting during the IAM Expo in Chicago, we discussed ways in which LacmaNext, FIDI 39 Club and IAM-YP can progress the aims of the three-way collaboration, including how each organisation can ensure its annual events are run in a sustainable manner.

To this end, IAM will find areas where it can take a green approach, LacmaNext plans to include tree planting with and hand out reusable water bottles during its conference this year – and FIDI 39 Club is working on incorporating several further sustainability aspects into its conference in 2020.

If a 16-year-old girl from Sweden is able to make an impact, raise awareness, and speak at the Strasbourg EU Parliament about what we would do ‘if our house was on fire’, we should be able to take the future of our own industry into our hands – and fast.

The GGI group has agreed its mission and vision statement: the Global Green Initiative is a collaboration of the Fidi 39 Club, IAM YP and LacmaNext to raise environmental awareness in our industry. We aim to educate the future moving generation on the importance of improving sustainability industry wide.

Calling all creatives!

The GGI needs a visual identity – if you have a great idea for a logo, then send us your proposal before 31 December to

A place at the FIDI Conference 2020 – on us!

The FIDI 39 Club is looking for the next 39 Club Scholar to come to Japan for the next FIDI Conference.

Are you a member of the 39 Club (or younger than 40 and work for a FIDI Affiliate) and actively support a community project? Then you’re in with a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the FIDI Conference
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You can find details here or send an email to You have until 15 January 2020 to submit your proposal.

We want to start a conversation and get as many people involved as possible. If you have any questions or want to be part of the conversation, visit or email us at

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