FIDI39 Club

Dear FIDI 39 Club…

As election time arrives once again for FIDI’s 39 Club, outgoing President Morgana Somers and new President Jessica Deutschmann reflect on the role of the club and what it’s done for them both

To my beloved 39 Club,

I am a ball of emotions! It has been such an honour to have been part of this amazing club and an even higher honour to have served on the 39 Club Board.

The 39 Club has truly allowed me to find my own way in this industry. I have made connections, friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

The experiences I have had with this club have helped me grow and flourish. Being part of this community has surpassed anything I could have imagined when I first became a member many years ago.

Learning from my peers around the world and especially those who have been Board members has been fascinating. It is so wonderful to connect with someone on the other side of the globe, from a totally different culture and find common ground and gain industry knowledge.

I am very much looking forward to remaining a 39 Club member (while I still can) and cannot wait to see what the future brings. You are all in wonderful hands with Jessica at the helm, and a growing 39 Club Board.

I have no doubt that together you will influence change and growth in our industry; and you will certainly have a fun time doing it!

Morgana Somers

Outgoing President, FIDI 39 Club

I am looking forward to the Board elections with excitement and sadness. Jackie, Isa, and I are looking forward to welcoming fresh blood onto the Board and with it, new ideas and a different energy.

But I would be lying if I said that I will not be missing Morgana and Alexandra. It has been an amazing ride.

After writing FIDI 39 Club history with the first all-female Board, changing up the FIDI 39 Club conference schedule, and initiating the FIDI 39 Club Scholarship, it will be an adjustment for me.

During the past three years, I had the possibility to work with four amazing human beings, who are brave enough to shake it up and try new things.

We wish Morgana and Alexandra all the best and are looking forward to their support as past-President and past-Board member.

Thanks for your contribution to improving the Club.

Jessica Deutschmann – New President, FIDI 39 Club

Plaudits for Micro-Events on SustaiNability

A staff member from Henk International joined other FIDI Affiliates who took part in two FIDI Micro-Events sessions on sustainability, organised by the FIDI 39 Club in early June.

The first identified those sustainability issues that present the biggest challenge for companies and discussed solutions. The main items identified were attracting young talent; sustainable packaging materials; and the availability, cost and usability of low emission/electric vehicles.

Solutions included collaborating with same sector businesses to share fleets, infrastructure, or operational costs; working with a packaging manufacturer to develop sustainable alternatives; and building awareness about the diversity and importance of logistics businesses in schools and on social media. 

The second workshop invited participants to reimagine their supply chains for sustainability, using ‘design thinking’ (understand, observe, define challenge, find ideas, prototype, test), and to carry this out within their own companies. Workshop moderator Sofie Defour, climate manager at Transport & Environment, will follow up with the participants later this year on how their ideas have progressed.

Writing in the Henk newsletter, Managing Director Manuela Henk said: ‘These workshops showed us that sustainability is important and that we need to create resources to give it the space it needs and deserves, starting with ideas and ending with climate-friendly processes and procedures.’

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