A national treasure

Used to dealing with obstacles caused by unpredictable demand…

6th June 2023

Affiliates / Algeria / FIDI / New Affiliate


A Sterling job of moving

Sterling Lexicon Spain has gained its FAIM certification, meaning…

24th May 2023

Affiliates / FIDI / international business / Spain


Pakistan’s Viking on board with FIDI

With a reputation for delivering quality services to long-standing…

22nd November 2022

Affiliates / Asia / FIDI / Pakistan


FIDI Start for Finnish mover

With a stable market that has been less affected…

29th December 2021

Affiliates / Europe / FIDI / Finland


An upwardly mobile market

With a local population more likely to stay put…

28th December 2021

Affiliates / Europe / FIDI / Romania


Schmidt looks out for opportunities

A changing landscape is bringing an increased emphasis on…

21st December 2021

Affiliates / Europe / FIDI / The Netherlands


AMR is dedicated to highest standards

The changing dynamics of the Chinese market have presented…

20th December 2021

Affiliates / Asia / China / FIDI

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