FIDI Start for Finnish mover

With a stable market that has been less affected by the pandemic than other European countries, Finland is enjoying domestic growth, says CEO of new Affiliate Travelcargo International Removals, Mattias Sjöberg

FIDI Focus: What are the characteristics of the moving market in Finland?

Mattias Sjöberg: Geographically, most international moves are to or from the Helsinki metropolitan area, so most of the international removal activity is focused on southern Finland. Finnish clients often choose domestic moving companies, and the general trend is towards moves with smaller volumes.

FF: How has the Finnish moving industry evolved?

MS: We have more FIDI Affiliates in Finland now, which is leading to more competition and to better quality We see more upcoming Finnish companies with an international focus emerging and requiring moving services for employees. Foreign investments have also led international companies to open offices locally.

FF: What impact has COVID-19 had on moving?

MS: The pandemic has had a more limited impact on businesses in Finland compared with many European countries. When it started, almost all our booked jobs from April to June (2020) were moved to the end of the summer, which was a very busy time for us. We consider 2020 to have been a good year for the business, despite COVID-19. Of course, we are also seeing international shipping delays and increased costs just like elsewhere.

FF: Where do you see the biggest opportunities for growth in your market?

MS: This would be increasing foreign investment, as Finland is seen as a safe and stable society and economy, which will lead to opportunities.

FF: How would you describe your business ethos?

MS: The values we have define who we are and how we work. We are convinced that having high ethical standards is the only way to work.

  • We respect people, their culture, dignity and fundamental values. We are a family business with strong family values, which means caring and putting people first, no matter what, both customers and employees with their families.
  • Our standard is to deliver top-quality services, aligning expertise with creativity.
  • We strive to find solutions that allow us to continue growing but that are cost-effective.
  • We carry out our business in strict compliance with applicable law and regulations and in accordance with the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics. We believe in free, honest and fair competition, and we promote it.
  • We have a responsibility within society and we keep this in mind in everything we do. We aim to support initiatives that respect the environment and that contribute to preventing, mitigating and responding to climate change, within our reasonable abilities.

FF: What are your main strengths as a company?

MS: We are agile, innovative and love what we do.

FF: Why did you decide to join FIDI?

MS: We obtained our ISO 9001 certification in 2017 and had started to reach more corporate clients. Some potential clients required FAIM accreditation. We also wanted to build stronger bonds with other quality-focused moving companies, so we could offer our clients the same level of quality at origin and destination. FIDI was the obvious choice, upholding the toughest standards within the moving industry.

FF: How did you find the FAIM process?

MS: It was a good benchmark to review our quality level against. We passed with zero non-conformities. The preparation process is tough, but manageable for a company always striving towards improving.

FF: Are you looking forward to playing an active role in the FIDI association?

MS: Yes – to provide the best possible value to its members, FIDI needs active Affiliates. We are looking forward to the next conference in Cannes.

FF: What are the future challenges ahead?

MS: The international shipping bottlenecks and capacity issues are the biggest challenges ahead. Full digitalisation and constantly improving customer experience are also key challenges for any company that wants to succeed in the years ahead.  

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