FIDI and LACMA connect for pCG collaboration

A new accord with the Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association (LACMA) means FIDI’s Professional Cooperation Guidelines (PCGs) are now recognised as a norm by the relocation industry’s three leading associations. By Marie-Pascale Frix, FIDI Business Intelligence Manager

 We are pleased to announce that FIDI and the Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association (LACMA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on use of the FIDI Professional Cooperation Guidelines (PCGs). This means the PCGs are now recognised as an industry norm by all LACMA members.

The FIDI PCGs are the industry norms for further cooperation in the moving and relocation industry. These guidelines offer advice on how to work together most effectively and how to react in a conflict situation. They serve as an operational manual on how moving companies should work together to service international shipments, be it as booker, origin or destination agent.

The PCGs, originally developed by FIDI for the benefit of FIDI Affiliates, were adopted by the International Association of Movers (IAM) in June 2018. With LACMA also endorsing these cooperation best practices, Jesse van Sas, FIDI Secretary General, says the guidelines gain even more momentum and recognition. ‘This is an important step in the industry-wide cooperation between industry organisations in the moving and relocation industry, ultimately raising the standards for everyone,’ he says.

Move is a win-win for all

‘For more than three decades, LACMA has used a specially developed in-house manual to improve the quality service of its members.

The LACMA Technical Manual, shared with all members and participants of various LACMA trainings, details the ethical, operational and commercial aspects of an international moving service. This document has been a strong guideline for our members, especially in the Latin American and Caribbean region,’ says LACMA’s general manager, Evelyn de Jaen. ‘With the fast-moving pace of the times and the challenges our industry faces, LACMA has decided to adopt the FIDI PCGs. The objective is to combine efforts towards standardising our industry and to cooperate with initiatives that raise the industry´s standards through more efficient and ethical performance of services. It’s a win-win for accounts, agents and ultimately, for the most important player – the client.’

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