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FIDI Conference: It’s a wrap

FIDI Secretary General Jesse van Sas celebrates the successes…

3rd July 2024

Conferences and events / FIDI / FIDI Conference

So much more than a conference

Following the FIDI 39 Club's annual conference in Edinburgh,…

6th June 2024

Affiliates / FIDI Conference / international business / Opinion

Why a reuse strategy is essential for movers

Reusing resources will be central to making sure current…

30th April 2024

Environment / Opinion / Reuse / Sustainability

Better when we’re together

FIDI President Derek Duffy on the limits for technology…

3rd April 2024

artificial intelligence / FIDI / Opinion / Technology

RMCs can fail too

The recent demise of an RMC has sent shockwaves…

3rd April 2024

bankruptcy / RMCs / The US

One mover, one vision

FIDI Focus meets Darren Bromley, National Director for MoverOne…

18th March 2024

Affiliates / FIDI / New Affiliate

Daring to decide

The latest FIDI Delegates Meeting took place online in…

5th February 2024

Affiliates / FIDI / Netting

Simplifying the process of sustainability measurement

With a complex supply chain in moving and a…

23rd January 2024

A perfect balance

Many agent deals are founded on the notion of…

16th December 2023

FIDI / international business / Opinion

That million-dollar question

FIDI 39 Club President Jackie Stouffer on the career…

7th November 2023

39 Club / Employment / FIDI / Global challenges / international business / Recruitment

Laws of attraction

FIDI President Derek Duffy on what younger staff want…

7th November 2023

Employment / FIDI / Global challenges / international business / Recruitment

Improving cash flow with upfront freight invoicing

In this follow-up to FIDI Focus’s recent article on…

24th October 2023

Affiliates / invocing / Opinion / Payment

A compliance crossroads – where do I go from here?

In this opinion article, Maarten van Zutphen, Movers Consultancy…

12th October 2023

Compliance / FIDI / IAM / marketing and communications / Quality standards

‘No, it’s not ok’ – tackling bad behaviour at events

FIDI’s Sustainability and Strategic Communications Manager, Magali Horbert, discusses…

9th October 2023

Conferences and events / Discrimination / FIDI Conference

A genuine sustainability journey or greenwashing?

FIDI’s efforts at minimising the impact of its conference…

25th July 2023

#SustainableMoves / FIDI / Opinion / Sustainability

Be different

Outgoing FIDI President Laura Ganon on the benefits to…

12th April 2023

Affiliates / Diversification / FIDI / international business

Sustainable conferences: part 2

Continuing the conversation in our second column on the…

29th March 2023

Affiliates / FIDI / FIDI Conference / Opinion / Sustainability

Can a conference ever be sustainable?

With long-haul travel necessary for so many international moving…

29th March 2023

Affiliates / Asia / FIDI / FIDI Conference / international business / Thailand

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