Pakistan floods cause major transport disruption

Affiliates in Pakistan have advised customers to make shipment bookings to and from the country ‘well in advance’, as the result of severe flooding in the country.

Affiliates Homepack Freight International and Globalink Logistics said the floods ‘have caused severe landslides, damage to transport infrastructure, and disruption to internet connections nationwide’, affecting transport within Pakistan and between Afghanistan, Iran and other neighbouring countries.

Domestic haulage, ports and airport infrastructure have been severely affected, while available transport networks are being used by NGOs for relief operations. The companies said all shipments to and from Pakistan, and transit shipments to Afghanistan, should therefore be booked ‘at least 15-20 days in advance’.

Air transport has also been affected by bad, weather, they said.

According to the Guardian newspaper, approximately one third of Pakistan is currently under water, following record monsoon rains and meltwater from glaciers. Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Agency has reported that 33 million people have been affected, with more than 1,300 deaths reported.

All staff members within FIDI’s Pakistan association are safe, said the two companies.

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