Movers report instant impact in Ukraine

Relocation businesses in Ukraine have been immediately affected by the situation in the country, according to reports from movers.

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has introduced a State of Emergency and introduced a draft law on general mobilisation. Airspace over the country is closed, with all airports being used for military purposes only.

FIDI Affiliate Interdean in Ukraine reported that its staff were now working remotely from home in Kyiv. It has pledged to keep customers updated about how the developing situation was impacting on its business.

Marcel Jörg, CEO of Gosselin (Moving) said the company stopped its business in the country on February 24.

‘We are reviewing the list of shipments to/from/in Ukraine and will advise our customers and partners individually on the latest status,’ he said. ‘As the situation is very tense and in flux, we expect further delays for trucks at the Belarus/Polish border and unpredictable transportation rates.’

As of February 25, businesses and public transport in many areas continue to operate.

Jeremy Chandar, Corporate Sales Director of Bournes Relocation Solutions said the business was working with its local partners to ‘continue to provide all possible services and provide emergency guidance.’ However, ‘the situation is constantly changing, and it is hard to predict its development.’

He added that most international staff were moving to Lviv in the west of Ukraine.

While air shipments were not possible, some inland shipments were still possible, albeit with delays, and with impending fuel shortages expected, too. Online surveys were possible, although internet connectivity has been compromised in some areas.

‘Local teams are doing their best to keep packing as scheduled and are scheduling new ones whilst ensuring the safety of customers and employees. However, the situation may change at any moment,’ he said.

Chandar added that staff from the Bournes’ Kyiv office continue to work remotely and are available by email or telephone. The company’s local teams are supporting assignees with urgent terminations and property handovers in Kyiv, and that tenants can use force majeure clauses to terminate leases if necessary.

‘We are deeply saddened by the course of events in Ukraine and know this will be upsetting and concerning for many of our clients, particularly those with employees in the area,’ said Chandar

Photo of Kyiv by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

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