Hong Kong COVID spikes pushes move requests up

Asian Tigers Hong Kong says the sudden upswing in COVID 19 infections has caused a surge in demand for immediate moves out of the country.

The country reported 55,000 new infections at the start of the week commencing March 7, up from more than 30,000 daily infections the previous week. This followed a period of several months with minimal infection numbers.

‘The number of move enquiries has ballooned with most people wanting to leave immediately,’ Asian Tigers stated, in its second special alert so far in March. ‘At the same time, like others in our field, [we] have been hit with our own Covid-19 cases. That “perfect storm” means that some transferees cannot be accommodated, at least on the timelines they prefer.’

The company said it was setting expectations as early as possible in the move process.

‘We know that in the short term, some transferees cannot be accommodated but we are doing our best to minimise these cases, and to work with our loyal clients as closely as we can,’ it stated.

Asian Tigers Group’s March 8 update on restrictions in countries including mainland China, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, said the company is now able to support origin and destination services, as well as import and export customs clearance, in most countries. It added that limitations such as delays and higher prices continued to impact on sea and air freight shipments in most parts of the region, with quarantine requirements in place in many countries, too.

Photo by Manson Yim on Unsplash

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