HomeSafe gives assurance on US military contract

The heads of the winning bidder for the US military moving HHG contract, HomeSafe Alliance, have said the firm will be happy to do business with moving firms that were allied to the losing bidders.

According to a report in the FEDEMAC Newsletter, HomeSafe President Matt Dolan made the comments during a recent webinar on next steps in implementing the contract with the Association of Movers. He said: ‘Trust me, there is no animosity between HomeSafe and any of the other people who may have been part of the other teams. That is not part of the calculus on who we want to work with. We understand that there are people who were with us from the start, but there is enough work for every agent, every truck, every hauler will be utilised.’

He added that ‘every overseas agent who currently participates will have a role’.

Initial supporters of HomeSafe’s big included SIRVA (Allied and North American Van Lines), with Atlas Van Lines, UniGroup, The Pasha Group and Suddath aligning themselves with the American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier Group.

Together with HomeSafe’s Chief Executive Admiral Alan Thompson, Dolan said that the alliance will test 75 shipments during a test period in July and August. It will take on more domestic military moves in October and add activity for Alaska and Hawaii by the end of this year. HomeSafe will begin international shipments in the spring of 2024.

HomeSafe will manage the contract with five regional offices, which will employ between 700 and 800 people.

Dolan said: ‘Obviously, we may not need all those people by September 2023, but we’ll need that many by April 2024.’

The HomeSafe leaders also announced a series of six to eight regional ‘roadshows’ in the United States in February, to be followed by a European event, to provide a more detailed explanation of how moving companies can work with the company.

In February, the alliance launched a three-date roadshow for potential suppliers, calling at Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas. It also planned to present at the ATA Moving & Storage Conference in Orlando at the end of February.

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