FIDI issues warning on global energy prices

FIDI has written to its Affiliates around the world to update them on the significant rise in the cost of energy, and the impact on the international moving industry.

In the open letter to its membership issued on June 20, 2022, FIDI Secretary-General Jesse van Sas said the World Bank expected energy prices to rise 50 per cent this year compared to 2021, with diesel, oil and coal among the commodities which will see substantial rises.

He added that, while forecasts then point to prices falling in 2023 and 2024, they are expected to stay higher than average. The ongoing war in Ukraine has added complexity and could add volatility and further inflationary pressure on prices, he said.

FIDI issued an infographic highlighting some of the key energy price trends.

Van Sas asked Affiliates to keep their supply chains and customers informed of the pressures and said FIDI would continue to monitor the situation and update its membership.

You can read and download the full letter here:

FIDI’s energy price infographic can be downloaded here:

A full dataset for this infographic can be downloaded here:

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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