FIDI issues statement on ‘detrimental’ phytosanitary proposals

FIDI Global Alliance has joined forces with the International Association of Movers (IAM) to closely monitor World Shipping Council (WSC) proposals they say will ‘be detrimental to the international moving industry.’

The proposals – submitted to the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures with the aim of minimising pest contamination of containers and cargoes – shift the responsibility for the condition of an empty container to the ‘shipper’. In many cases, this means the moving company for an international shipment. This would lead to movers facing extra costs, logistical challenges, and liability for any pest contamination in a sea container.

The proposed recommendations include the following requirements:

·     Each container (packed or empty) has to be inspected and certified clean prior to loading on a ship;

·     The shipper certifies that each container is ‘clean’ through a ‘Verified Pest Certificate’ – a pre-requisite for the container to be shipped;

·     The cleanliness of an empty container has to be checked and verified by the driver of the vehicle sent to collect the container.

It is likely that the Commission on Phytonanitary Measures will make a final decision by July 2022, which could lead to the formulation of new global measures in 2023.

FIDI and IAM say they will ‘monitor the situation closely’ and keep their members informed of the issue at hand and the implications of any decision taken.

The organisations have issued a joint statement, published on 8 December 2021, outlining the key measures proposed as well as background information.

You can read the full statement here.

FIDI has put together a list of good practices and useful information on a special resource page, accessible only to FIDI Affiliates.

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