Authorities clamp down on trucking infringements

A number of new measures aimed at stopping drivers breaking the law are being implemented across Europe, according to transport website

In the Czech Republic, a new scheme is being rolled out to identify overloaded trucks and to issue fines automatically. The country’s Ministry of Transport has installed scales on the D5 and D8 motorways. This is the first step in a plan that will see them added in 12 locations to record the weight of passing trucks, read their number plates and issue fines for any that are exceeding the maximum weight they should be carrying.

In Germany, authorities are taking action against moving and transport companies caught tampering with tachographs on vehicles. Most recently, a Polish truck was impounded after a routine inspection found a device had been installed to prevent its tachograph from working properly. The company had to pay a €17,500 deposit to release the vehicle. 

In Spain, the Spanish General Directorate of Road Traffic is set to issue penalties for a range of road infringements, by using recordings and photographs taken by drones. A total of 31 drones will be operating shortly. The organisation is already using super radars to catch vehicles at speeds of up to 250kph.

Finally, the European Roads Policing Network (TIPSOL) carried out a week-long vehicle safety operation across Europe at the end of July. The organisation focused on speeding, alcohol, drugs, seatbelt use, tachograph tampering, excess weight, dangerous loading and document offences. 

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