Report on freight cost increases

A new report by Sennder has revealed figures for the growth in the cost of freight in Europe. 

In its first European report, the digital freight forwarder said that the price of road freight was at a record level, with an average increase of 13 per cent during 2022, and rises of 24 per cent on routes from Poland to Germany.

German domestic routes, meanwhile, increased by 18 per cent; with growth of nine per cent for Spain to the Netherlands. 

However, the report showed that by the start of 2023, costs had started to fall again as economic activity weakened. It also found that demand for greener road freight options increased fivefold in 2022, with continued growth expected this year.

Launching the report, the company said: ‘The logistics industry continues to feel the ripple effects of macroeconomic shocks, which are likely to continue in 2023, with strong market fluctuations expected.’

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