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Latest edition of PCGs goes live

The FIDI Professional Cooperation Guidelines (PCGs) have gained a firm status as reference for best practice in the wider international moving industry. Over the past few months, two key milestones were reached, strengthening this position. By Marie-Pascale Frix, Business Intelligence Manager

The FIDI Professional Cooperation Guidelines (PGCs) document has undergone its third review since it was launched in 2017.

The PCGs committee’s role

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the PCGs Committee worked hard to complete its annual review of the PCGs document, analysing in detail the suitability of the current guidelines, taking into consideration all proposals for change from FIDI Affiliates, FIDI Associations and from cases solved through the Dispute Resolution Scheme (DRS).

Each proposal must be analysed to see if it fits the scope of the PCGs. This requires lots of rigour and an ongoing review of the relevance of the PCGs guidelines, so that they constantly remain up to date and adaptable for our industry. The role of the PCGs Committee is crucial to the integrity and sustainability of the PCGs document.

2020 edition key highlight: one version for all users

The 2019 PCGs consisted of two versions of the guidelines: one for FIDI Affiliates (the official document) and one version to be used by other trade associations licensed by FIDI, with all references to ‘FIDI’ and ‘FAIM’ removed.

The PCGs Committee concluded that there should only be one version of the document in force, adapted to the use by both FIDI and other trade associations (based on a signed agreement with FIDI).

The 2020 edition, as approved by the FIDI Extra-ordinary General Assembly on 20 October 2020 is, consequently, applicable without exception to both FIDI and other PCGs licensed trade associations and their members, at all times. 

FIDI-PAIMA licensing agreement on the FIDI PCGs

Originally developed for the benefit of FIDI Affiliates in 2017, the PCGs have become the reference for successful cooperation in international relocation. After the adoption of the PCGs by the IAM in 2018 and by LACMA in 2019, the Pan American International Movers Association (PAIMA) decided to opt for the FIDI PCGs and, on 1 October, signed a licensing agreement with FIDI.

Founded in 1984, PAIMA is an exclusive network of international moving companies, with members in more than 50 countries. This agreement is an important step towards standardisation of processes in the moving and relocation industry and industry-wide cooperation, raising the standards for everyone, says Jesse van Sas, FIDI Secretary General.

Through this Memorandum of Understanding, PAIMA members will have access to the full PCGs document, which will benefit all moving companies and ultimately the customers they serve. This step highlights deepening inter-association cooperation; the end goal being better cooperation, better resources, and more information for the moving industry, says Lars Lemche, PAIMA President.

For any questions or more information about the PCGs, please contact Marie-Pascale Frix at

Our sincere thanks go to the PCGs Committee for its hard work, ongoing commitment and dedication:

  • Nick Kerr (Chair) – Gosselin;
  • John Warlick – Hilldrup;
  • Max Chorus – Streff;
  • Thomas de Mallmann – AGS Fraser;
  • Gordon Bell, Patrick Goh, YB NG – Asian Tigers Mobility;
  • Nicki French – Grace; Arthur Drewry – Taylor International;
  • Laura Busettini – Vinelli & Scotto;
  • Alvaro Stein – Decapack;
  • Miguel Florez – Aviomar;
  • Ilan Rebibo – A. Univers Transit;
  • Rasheed Ali – Four Winds Saudi Arabia;
  • Rene van Valen – Van Der Ent Group;
  • Melissa Gerke – Transworld International Removals;
  • Simone Percy – Dasa International Movers;
  • Alastair Cowan – Elite Moving Systems (EMS); and
  • Marie-Pascale Frix – FIDI

A call to action…

  • Update your operational manual and company templates with the latest amendments to the PCGs – the 2020 PCGs and its redlined version are available on FIDINET
  • Mitigate risks of misunderstandings in the move process – ask your trading partners to abide by the PCGs
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