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FIDI launches online sustainability training module

As FIDI Academy unveils its free-of-charge online training provision on sustainability, Academy Manager Chantal Fera explains the format and why this topic is increasingly vital for moving businesses

FIDI’s Academy has launched a new online training module on corporate sustainability free of charge for all FIDI Affiliates.

Why are we covering this subject?

Corporate sustainability is gaining momentum, with pressure increasing on companies to become more sustainable in all aspects of their operations. This includes:

  • An increasing number of customers, especially corporates, asking their suppliers to show a range of ‘green credentials’
  • Staff, particularly the younger generation, looking for purpose in their jobs, and wanting to work for companies trying to minimise their impact on the environment and the communities in which they operate
  • Upcoming legislation that will make corporate reporting on sustainability mandatory in many countries – especially the EU and the US – in line with the UN Paris Agreement, and countries targeting their own net zero goals.

Companies that understand this and are quick to adapt have the opportunity to position themselves at the forefront, and reap the benefits of a clear competitive advantage.

However, the corporate sustainability scene can be overwhelming and confusing. So, to demystify this complex area, and make it relevant to the international moving and relocation industry, the FIDI Academy has developed this bespoke online training course.


The sustainability module consists of an interactive online platform. It lasts approximately three hours, although you learn at your own speed and from your own desk.

Programme summary

1. Understand the benefits and need for a sustainability strategy

  • Competitive advantage
  • Preparation for upcoming legislation

2. Develop, implement, monitor and report on a sustainability programme

  • Concrete steps towards a sustainable business strategy
  • What elements should be included in a sustainability programme
  • Sustainability step-by-step roadmap
  • How to set goals, key performance indicators and measurements
  • How to measure and report on your efforts
  • Presenting the FAIM 2022 ESG pillar

3. How to integrate environmental, social and governance issues into your company’s risk-management framework

4. Communicate and create awareness

  • Learn how a corporate sustainability programme will promote and position your company ahead of the competition
  • Master the tools that will help you effectively promote your programmes and initiatives that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

To register free of charge, and for more information, contact Chantal Fera, FIDI Academy Manager, at

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