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FIDI Academy: Unlimited access to a wide range of online training

The rapid adaptation of FIDI’s Academy programme and rollout during the pandemic has helped develop the online packages available to Affiliates and cater for the cost- and environment-focused next generation. FIDI Academy Manager Chantal Fera explains

Those who have been involved with the FIDI Academy during 2020 and in the first half of this year will agree that we have had to become more creative, more innovative and to use the digital tools we have at our disposal more efficiently, to keep our valuable industry-training programmes running.

It has also been a great opportunity to change our ingrained habits and think ‘greener’.

At the same time, in this fast-changing environment and with Generation Z now coming into the workplace, the need for change is obvious. This new generation is looking for quick learning, quick career growth, and quick return on investment for their education.

The FIDI Academy has been proactive on this front for many years, offering a wide range of online training so this new age group (and their older peers) can learn anytime and from anywhere.

Not only is quick and easy access essential, cost is also a very important factor for FIDI Affiliates, especially in these times of crisis.

Overview of the available online training modules:

FiM (Fundamentals in Moving) Programme

This basic course covers all the fundamentals of the international moving processes and is ideal as on-boarding for new staff or as a refresher course for your operational team (including your sales team, move coordinators and even packers).

DSP (Destination Service Provider) Programme

The DSP programme was developed specifically for companies providing or planning to provide DSP services in addition to international moving. The course covers all aspects of international relocation services (standard destination services, stakeholders, cost calculation).

Packers’ training

International moves are very different from local moves and often come with very different expectations. The FIDI Packers’ training is the most complete training on all aspects related to packing for an international move and includes: identifying and avoiding the six major risks and how to deal with clients’ expectations. This training module is available in English, Spanish and French.

QHSE (Quality, Health, Security
and Environment) NEW

This programme was launched in early 2021 after an increased demand in quality management training. The following is covered in this extensive course:

  • The benefits of an integrated QHSE management system
  • How to build your quality manual
  • What needs to be included in your quality manual
  • The five ways to successfully implement a QHSE management system
  • FAIM and QHSE standards

This programme is aimed at Quality Managers and
senior managers.

EU GDPR Regulations

The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was introduced in May 2018 and regulates the protection of private and sensitive personal data. This affects anybody handling this type of information – even moving companies based outside of Europe with international clients. This programme explains how it affects your business and how you can adapt your processes to comply with this international regulation.

FIDI compliance requirements training

This module gives you an overview of the risks and the appropriate measures to take to protect your company against potential lawsuits for bribery, corruption, discrimination, unethical business behaviours and data protection breaches.

This programme is applicable to anyone working for a FIDI-affiliated company

Tools for successful RFPs

RFPs (request for proposals)
can be a headache for any moving company. This course will help you explain to your customers the challenges and the complexity of
an international move and how FIDI-affiliated companies are equipped and audited for the benefit of your customers.

This programme is aimed at salespeople who want to present to their customers the challenges and the complexity of an international move, plus the benefits of choosing a FIDI mover.

FIDI Affiliates’ Toolbox

  • FIDI Customs Guides
  • FIDI Dispute Resolution Scheme

This short course is designed for anyone working for a FIDI-affiliated company.

Special 2021 promo on all online training:

For only €1,500, all your employees can have unlimited access to all FIDI Academy online training until 31 December 2021. Many Affiliates have already taken advantage of the special 2021 promotion, so don’t delay! 

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