Shanghai mover restarts after lockdown eased

Shanghai-based AMR International Relocation has restarted its moving operations, following the lifting of government COVID lockdown measures on June 1.

According to a release by the company, it is returning to moving jobs in ‘low-risk areas’ immediately as its operations, driving and office staff returned.

While third-party access to clients’ premises in these areas now permitted – dependant on a negative COVID-19 test for staff – AMR said they now need ‘strong involvement and input’ of transferees and their building managers to comply with local regulations and complete moves.  

The company estimated it would take up to a month at ‘full operational power’ to clear the backlog caused by two months of restrictions.

The full company release about the easing of lockdown measures – including the situation with regards to haulage and shipping containers – can be accessed on FIDINet.

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