FIDI releases SDG sustainability guide for movers

FIDI has published a sustainability guide that highlights how the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (#UNSDGs) apply to the international moving and relocation industry.

Using practical examples and best practice tips, the Moving to 2030: the Sustainable Development Goals and the International Moving Industry report aims to show what businesses can do to work towards the UN targets.

It was put together with the collaboration of FIDI’s sustainability task force, under the guidance of Sofie Defour, climate manager at European clean transport campaign group, Transport & Environment, Hannes De Reu and Felix Braeckman, all three of which are founding members of The Moonshot Initiative.

FIDI’s sustainability task force is made up of participants from 14 countries. These include Ana Paula Souza Lima from NETMOVE; Andrea Gärtner Cala, Intramar Shipping S.A.S; Anthony Weil, Pickfords; Ashley Gorb, Atlas World Group International; Aulina Mithal Sood, Star Worldwide Group; Benjamin D Ivory, Graebel Companies, Inc.; Catherina-Celeste Stier, Harsch, The Art of Moving Forward; Dan Graebel, Graebel Companies, Inc.; José Luis Tabuenca Rivero, SIT Spain; Katherin Crispoca Buitrago,  Intramar Shipping S.A.S; Lydia Elena Cabral, Trafimar; Max Neumann, Streff; Michael Hughes, GMS, Arpin International Group; Mikko Loikkanen of Alfa; Pauline Collins, Voerman; Swapnaja (Swap) Rasam, Writer Relocations; and Tom Finlay, AMJ Campbell.

The report can be downloaded here:

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