Additional costs for Qatar moves

Movers have been advised that shipments to Qatar may be subject to supplementary charges, after a meeting of Qatar Port Authorities (QPA) said it would not grant an exemption for the household goods sector to improper stuffing charges (fines for incorrect filling of containers) introduced on August 1.

The port said these charges – of US$90 for a 20-foot container and $138 for a 40ft container – were a reinstatement of those already in place before the pandemic. Containers containing vehicles will be subject to a $962 levy. It added that previous charges did not account for expenses related to container opening and item removal.

An industry source said the charges could be avoided by correctly palletising cargoes before loading containers at origin and to take photographs at this point to share with Qatari customs if needed during inspections. They added that with companies unable to absorb the charges, they would be passed on to consignees or partner offices.

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