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Rebrand reflects changing landscape

After three decades providing well-respected, industry-leading training and development for members of the international moving and relocation industry, the FIDI Academy is rebranding to reflect the diversification of the global business. Chantal Fera, Academy Manager, reports

The FIDI Academy has become a key pillar in the FIDI environment over the past 30 years, and its long track record of enthusiastic and loyal students are proof of its ongoing success.  

Our international moving and relocation world has changed massively during this time, as have our FIDI-affiliated companies. Nowadays, the relocation process is no longer just about moving HHGs. It is about moving lives. An international relocation is one of the most emotional and life-changing events in a person’s life; to avoid painful and costly failures, every step of the way has to be taken care of with professionalism, empathy and a thorough understanding of the implications for everybody involved.

To support this shift, the Academy has undergone some deep changes too, in format, content and strategic focus – and we felt that its visual identity needed to reflect this.

We turn your valued employees into service champions

Thanks to our expertise and authority in our industry, and the large team of industry experts we can rely on, the FIDI Academy courses give you access to:

  • global mobility knowledge and industry cases
  • an international active network
  • theoretical and practical training through innovative and qualitative courses in a variety of flexible formats
  • globally recognised accreditation and continuous staff development

We have widened our portfolio of courses beyond the purely operational side of international moving, to include aspects of destination service management, risk management, customer service, and many more, catering for the needs of multitalented relocation specialists and managers. We have also created flexible, online modules and webinars, so that your teams can access the courses whenever and from wherever suits them best.

The COVID-19 pandemic has, yet again, underlined the importance of ongoing training of your staff for staff retention, customer relations and to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

So make sure to use our courses, as part of your exclusive FIDI membership advantage. And show your FIDI Academy certificates and company achievements proudly – on social media, your website, and when approaching clients.

Because clients know that a company who puts value in its staff will put value in its services – and we are here to turn your company into quality service champions!  

A group sharing ideas outside of the classroom at a recent LiM seminar in Switzerland

Find more information about the FIDI Academy on our website, and contact us if you have questions about how to use your certification and achievements at

Academy trainer profile: Freddy Paxton

Freddy Paxton, SVP and CMO of Paxton International, has been involved with the FIDI Academy for more than two decades, having taken part in his first training session in Singapore almost 20 years ago.

He says: ‘Being an Academy trainer is truly one of my greatest passions in the industry. Watching the students grow their confidence and go on to become great leaders within their companies, the industry and provide great guidance to their customers is truly something special to witness. Knowing that you were able to be involved in the process that shaped and had a meaningful impact for them in their professional development, is just an amazing reward.’

He has travelled extensively for his role, meeting the company’s clients and partners around the world. He says this gives him a broad and up-to-date overview of what’s happening in the international industry, as well as the ‘distinct honour’ of  collaborating with current and future leaders in their field.

‘This global perspective allows me to fill in the gaps in knowledge – ensuring that our training encompasses the needs of those all over the globe,’ he says. ‘Taking that information and putting it into meaningful context to share with Academy students and other movers is a great way to give back to the industry – the students we are teaching today will go on to revolutionise the industry tomorrow.’

Paxton knows the value of the Academy for developing his business’s own staff also, citing the well-developed range of topics and suitability for movers at any career stage as among the top reasons for using it.

‘Continuing the professional development of our staff is a top priority and the FIDI Academy helps deliver quality to our customers through the development of staff both new and seasoned,’ says Paxton. ‘It offers a great baseline from which to continue to grow professionally.’

He adds that keeping an industry-wide conversation going is critical to success for everyone in the business – and the Academy has a key role to play in this. ‘It is imperative that we work together to understand the landscape in which we operate and develop best practices that enable all of us to become successful today and beyond,’ he says. ‘Strengthening the industry as a whole improves the moving experience for everyone involved – customers, clients, and partners alike.

‘The FIDI Academy continues to be a vital tool in shaping the future of our industry as a whole, not just now but for years to come. It is important that we all continue to take an active role in order to truly develop a programme that will have a meaningful impact for years.’

Academy trainer profile: Alexandra Schmidt

Alexandra Schmidt, Business Development Manager at Mexpack International, has been an Academy trainer since 2016, bringing her experience working within a second-generation family business in Latin America to the table. 

‘I think all the trainers have very diverse backgrounds and we all have new and different challenges to bring forward to help tackle issues,’ she says. ‘We bring these common problems into the training, learn best practices from each other and pass this information on to the FIDI Academy students.’

‘I love getting to know the students, and have stayed in contact with many throughout the years. I love to see them develop in their career and catch up with them at conferences to see how they apply what they have learned in the real world.’

Mexpack sees sending its own staff on Academy programmes as a win-win, she says. ‘Training students helps the industry as a whole,’ she says. ‘It makes us a more interesting industry to attract and retain talent and for me it is a very fulfilling experience.

‘I think the Academy offers the best training because it was developed by industry leaders, people who are involved in the day to day, who see the changes in the business and update the training frequently.’

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