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FIDI Academy risk management webinar

Chantal Fera, FIDI Academy Manager, provides an update on the recent success of FIDI’s webinar programme, which was offered to FIDI Affiliates free of charge for two months during the COVID-19 pandemic

To help our membership through the difficult COVID-19 lockdown period, the FIDI Academy gave all FIDI-affiliated companies and their staff free access to its webinars throughout the months of April and May. Many took up the offer, with hundreds of staff members taking part and an overwhelmingly positive response.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the global crisis the world economy and our industry is facing has highlighted a significant weakness in many businesses: their unpreparedness in risk management.

The FIDI Academy’s webinar on risk management, developed and included in the Academy programme a few months before the crisis, has shown its full worth during the months of lockdown. Many FIDI Affiliates used this downtime to train their staff, with this particular session one of the most sought-after. Over the months of April and May, more than 200 students participated in this webinar.

According to the students who took part, the session was very informative, highlighting the areas in which their companies can improve their risk management strategies, particularly in identifying and responding to risks, considering the internal and external factors.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand risk management as a concept
  • To identify, assess, and manage the risks in your business
  • To apply a risk-management methodology
  • To develop risk-management processes

Students’ testimonials

“Fantastic… clear, professional and interesting. Nice to have interaction with the subject matter expert and to share experience with our industry peers. Thank you!”

“The videos shown during the webinars are eye-openers”

“The quizzes at the end are great to reinforce the main points”

“Amazingly effective delivery – Time Management and Cultural Awareness were my favourite sessions”

“The webinars discuss many topics in only one hour”

“Very helpful, interactive with the other attendees. In clear English, interesting and kept you engaged”

“I was very impressed with the trainer’s knowledge and delivery skills”

“I learned a lot. Great trainer! Great technology and great content! Thank you so much”

“This was very relatable in the current situation, with added takeaways”

“This was a very informative session and provided me with a fundamental understanding of risk management”

“The webinar is organised in a clear and concise manner, and flows very smoothly”

“Even though I have already spent many years in the industry, there is always something to learn – and interaction with others in the industry is always an asset”

“The trainer did a fantastic job. She had lots of positive energy and enthusiasm, and put great effort into ensuring that we were all engaged and kept involved. Great job!”

FIDI webinars: Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a webinar and online training?

Webinars are scheduled at a specific date and time, and allow for interaction between subject matter experts and your industry peers.

What is the main value of the FIDI webinars?

The up-to-date content, not only about industry topics, but also on valuable soft-skills training, including project management, time management, customer service and cultural awareness.

Why are FIDI webinars the preferred learning option for Affiliates?

  • They are low cost
  • Learn at your desk – or anywhere with an internet connection
  • Constant interaction with the trainer
  • You can ask a question at any point
  • It is delivered during working hours for a global audience
  • An interactive quiz at the end reinforces the main messages
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