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2024 FIDI Conference: How to prepare for Edinburgh 2024

As the preparations for the 2024 FIDI Conference reach their peak, FIDI Sustainability & Strategic Communications Manager Magali Horbert gives a sneak preview of this year’s programme – and an overview of how to make the very best of the annual sessions, events, and networking

We’re just weeks away from meeting in Edinburgh for the FIDI Conference, from 12 to 15 May 2024. As the anticipation and excitement grows, we can’t wait to dive into all the learning, networking, and unforgettable moments that await us in Scotland’s heartland.

Choose the green path to Edinburgh
As you plan your journey to Edinburgh, consider making your travel choice a part of your contribution to sustainability. Edinburgh is wonderfully accessible, offering a plethora of travel options that cater to convenience and eco-friendliness alike. Why not turn the journey itself into an adventure by choosing the train from London, for example? This option isn’t just about reducing your carbon footprint; it’s an opportunity to witness the stunning landscapes that the UK has to offer, making your trip to Edinburgh a memorable experience from the start.

To encourage participants to ‘travel green’, the FIDI 39 Club has launched the ‘sustainable travel initiative’. By participating, you stand a chance to win a complimentary registration for next year’s conference in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik.

Participating is easy – you will find all the details on pages 64-65. Let’s make our way to Edinburgh with a sense of purpose and a commitment to the planet.

Networking like a pro
At the FIDI Conference, we take networking seriously – and focus on quality over quantity. Make every connection count, whether it’s sharing a laugh at the welcome reception, finding common ground during the gala dinner, or exchanging ideas at the social events.

We strongly recommend that you avoid scheduling back-to-back business meetings, as this is not the main purpose of our event. Leave ample space for meaningful connections and register for the social events and business sessions, where you will really get to know your fellow participants and forge relationships that will go beyond a business agreement.

The FIDI Conference is the time for you to get your company out there – so make the most of it (see p47). And don’t forget, the FIDI Conference app is your best friend for keeping in touch with your fellow participants before and during the event, share your thoughts and impressions, and to keep up to date with the programme.

Maintaining professional standards
In anticipation of a successful 2024 FIDI Conference, it’s important to revisit the expectations surrounding conduct and professional behaviour during our gathering. Appropriate behaviour is expected at all times from all attendees throughout the conference. FIDI is committed to creating a respectful, inclusive, and harassment-free environment for everyone involved. Any form of misbehaviour, discrimination, or harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

We hold our values of professionalism, respect, and integrity in the highest regard and expect the same from each conference participant. This stance is crucial not only for maintaining the quality and safety of the event but also for ensuring that every attendee can enjoy and benefit from the experience without concern. FIDI will enforce this policy vigorously and asks all attendees to contribute to a positive and respectful atmosphere, where open dialogue, mutual respect, and professional growth can flourish.

Diving into business insights: why business sessions are a must
Even though we all enjoy the socialising, the business sessions are a central part of the conference. This is where we get to learn from the best about what’s shaking up our industry, how to stay ahead of the curve and find solutions to our shared challenges.

Spotlight on keynote speaker Lucas Simons: a rational vision for a sustainable industry
This year, we’re excited to welcome Lucas Simons, a prominent figure in corporate sustainability and change, as our keynote speaker. Simons isn’t just another speaker; he’s a pioneer in the field of sustainable transformation, having dedicated his career to changing how industries think about and implement sustainable practices. His book, Changing the Game, has inspired countless businesses to take a hard look at their operations and find ways to be more environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Simons founded NewForesight, a consultancy that’s been instrumental in guiding companies and entire sectors on their journey toward sustainability. During his 45-minute keynote, right after roll-call on Monday morning, he will share his wisdom on how we can make significant, meaningful changes in our industry. He’ll break down complex concepts into actionable steps and show us how each company, no matter its size, can contribute to a larger, industry-wide transformation – to everyone’s benefit.

Expect to leave his talk not just inspired but equipped with practical strategies that you can start implementing right away.

Panel sessions
Panel conversations always give food for thought; each session is designed to not only address the current landscape but also to prepare us for the future, making sure we leave the conference more knowledgeable, connected, and inspired than when we arrived.

They’re crafted to challenge our perspectives, encourage dialogue, and foster collaborations that extend well beyond the conference itself. With topics ranging from navigating complex business environments to embracing sustainability and attracting the next generation of movers, these panels are a key part of our shared path to improving our industry.

Panel session 1: Between giants and clients
Navigating the global mobility landscape is tricky, with its vast network of clients and suppliers each wielding significant power. This session will dive deep into the art of balancing these relationships while protecting your margins and upholding strict compliance standards.

Our panellists, who have been in the trenches and represent different sides of the equation, will share their insights on leveraging quality and compliance as non-negotiables in business discussions.

We’ll explore real-world strategies for asserting value over price, ensuring that excellence, rather than the lowest bid, defines our industry’s standards.

Panel session 2: In times of crisis
The world is unpredictable, and our industry often finds itself at the frontline of global crises. This session is about resilience, adaptability, and the critical role we play during emergencies.

Drawing from first-hand experiences of FIDI Affiliates, we’ll look at how companies navigate past crises, from pandemics to geopolitical tensions. This discussion will go beyond just storytelling; it aims to arm you with strategies for crisis management and proactive planning, ensuring your business can withstand whatever the world throws at it.

Panel session 3: Next-gen movers
Attracting young talent is one of the industry’s pressing challenges. This panel, steered by Jackie Stouffer, FIDI 39 Club President, will shed light on what the next generation is looking for in their careers. We’ll discuss how to present the moving and relocation industry as a vibrant, appealing career choice, highlighting innovation, flexibility, and the opportunity for meaningful work.

Panellists will share success stories and lessons learned in recruiting and retaining young professionals, offering a blueprint for building a workforce that’s ready to take our industry forward.

The business programme isn’t just about these big sessions. There will be workshops on the FAIM Compliance Procedure, the FIDI Netting project and the FIDI Carbon Calculator project, as well as FIDI Focus Fringe sessions. Make sure to check out the FIDI Conference app for all the details and to sign up for extras that catch your eye.

As we gear up for Edinburgh, let’s get ready to soak up every bit of knowledge, connect with our peers, and make this conference one for the history books.

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