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F ID I 3 9 C L U B Gabriela Humeniuk and Santiago Bosch of Lift-Van International with boxed clothing ready to be distributed to Argentinian charities GABRIELA HUMENIUK, IMPORT MANAGER AT LIFT-VAN INTERNATIONAL CO. S.A.C GIVING IS YOUR BEST MOVE The FIDI 39 Club Scholarship Programme is open to young professionals below the age of 39. Isabelle Harsch interviewed this years inspiring winner, Gabriela Humeniuk, about her project, Giving is your best move ISABELLE HARSCH, FIDI 39 CLUB BOARD MEMBER 38 FF290 pp38-39 FIDI News Club 39.indd 38 IH: You are our winner! Congratulations. Before you explain your project, can you tell us a little about yourself and your career in the moving industry? GH: My name is Gabriela Humeniuk, Im 29 years old and Im the import manager at Lift-Van International Co. S.A.C. Im currently studying social psychology. I love reading, cooking, singing, listening to music and playing video games. I started working at Lift-Van in 2011 to cover a temporary job, but I fell in love with the firm as soon as I arrived, so I couldnt say no when they asked me if I wanted to stay in a permanent position. I began working in the rates department and, after some time, moved to the imports department, where I work now. I also manage the Giving is your best move programme. IH: Can you explain what your winning project Giving is your best move is about? GH: Giving is your best move is a project that consists WWW. F I D I . OR G 13/03/2019 11:53